Marlborough Orthodontics

Professional and expert advice about teeth straightening and dental braces from orthodontists at Dentalcare Marlborough. 

We are accepting new Private general and orthodontic patients.


Welcome to Marlborough Orthodontics

Our team at the Marlborough Orthodontics practice looks forward to welcoming you and providing you with a dedicated service.

We know that every patient is different, and we make it our priority to put you first. We get to know you and work with you to keep your teeth and gums healthy, as well as helping you to achieve your dream smile.

Whether you have specific concerns about your teeth, or you want to make a big change to your smile, we can help. Our valued and expert staff are caring and friendly and will put you at your ease. We are passionate about dentistry and the health of our patients, so we continue to invest heavily in technology and our staff in order to provide you with the care that you deserve.


Many people are put off wearing a dental brace by the cost, which is why we help to make dental braces affordable.

We offer 0% finance for teeth straightening treatment, with the option to select different payment plans to suit your budget. 

New patients

We are accepting new orthodontic patients for both adult and children. If you or your child are looking to get their teeth straightened on the NHS, please be aware that we can only accept new NHS orthodontic patients if you have a referral from your dentist. 

We are delighted to see all new orthodontic private patients and would be happy to see you for a consultation to discuss teeth straightening options at your convenience. 

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