Aesthetic Fixed Braces

at Marlborough Orthodontics

Aesthetic Fixed Braces to straighten teeth in Marlborough

Aesthetic fixed braces are just like the traditional metal fixed braces, but they have clear brackets and tooth coloured wire instead of metal which makes them more aesthetically pleasing. Not only that, they blend in with your teeth making them far more discreet and harder to see than traditional braces.  

Fixed braces are a popular choice with patients in Marlborough and throughout Wiltshire, because they remain the most precise form of dental braces to straighten teeth, giving stunning results. Fixed clear braces can be used to correct minor through to severe orthodontic problems. They can: 


  • Straighten crooked  
  • Correct protruding teeth 
  • Close unwanted gaps in your teeth 
  • Fix problems with bite including overbite, underbite, open or cross bite 
  • Create space for crowded teeth 

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Benefits of Aesthetic Fixed Braces at Marlborough Orthodontics

Having your teeth straightened with aesthetic fixed braces at Marlborough Orthodontics will: 

  • Straighten teeth discreetly  
  • Straighten your teeth precisely – fixed braces remain the ultimate way to get your teeth into the exact required position
  • Treat mild orthodontic problems through to the most severe issues including severe overcrowding or an excessively deep overbite
  • Straighten teeth painlessly. Gentle pressure means you should experience little discomfort
  • Mean there is less chance of interrupting orthodontic treatment by removing, losing or breaking braces like there is with some of the more modern dental braces 
  • Straighten teeth of children and adult of all ages 
  • Give you a stunning smile and boost your confidence 
  • Mean you can have your teeth straightened affordably. We offer interest free finance and payment plans to help you work to your budget 
  • Give a consultation and personal approach to determine the type of treatment you need and for how long 

Frequently asked questions about Aesthetic Fixed Braces

Do fixed clear braces hurt?

Like anything new, fixed braces may take some getting used to. When the braces are initially fixed on to your teeth, you may notice some pressure and it may feel strange, but after a few days, it should start to feel natural and more comfortable. During the first few days and after the orthodontist has tightened your braces, you can take paracetamol for any discomfort and you may want to consider eating softer foods or try cutting up hard foods like apples before you eat. 

How long do I have to wear my fixed clear braces for?

This will depend upon how severe your orthodontic case is. If you only need mild teeth straightening, you may end up wearing your fixed braces for a few months. If you have severe orthodontic problems, your teeth will take longer to correct. Your orthodontist can help to determine the approximate length of your teeth straightening treatment. 

How can I keep my fixed clear braces clean?

You should continue to brush your teeth twice a day using a fluoride toothpaste. You may feel more comfortable also cleaning your teeth after each mealtime, and this is because food can get trapped in your fixed braces which can be unsightly and affect your oral hygiene. It is a good idea to use a small interdental toothbrush to properly clean the teeth around the fixed brace. We would also recommend using a fluoride mouthwash after brushing to help minimise the risk of tooth decay. Your orthodontist and hygienist can give you more tips about how to keep your teeth clean whilst wearing a fixed clear brace. 

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