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Incognito Braces - an invisible way to straighten teeth

Incognito braces are sometimes also known as a lingual brace or a hidden brace because they are fixed to the inside of your teeth rather than on the front. They work in exactly the same way as fixed braces – a bracket is attached to the inside of your tooth for the duration of your orthodontic treatment, and they are connected with a wire which gently builds pressure to straighten teeth into the correct position. 

The main advantage of an Incognito brace is that just like fixed brace they will straighten teeth very precisely and in a detailed way to give stunning results. As they are fixed to the inside of your teeththey are less conspicuous; so, most people won’t know that you’re having your teeth straightened. 

Just like fixed bracesIncognito braces can help to: 

  • Straighten crooked teeth 
  • Create space for crowded teeth 
  • Correct protruding teeth 
  • Close gaps in your teeth 
  • Help correct bite problems including open bite, overbite, under bite and cross bite 

Find out more about Incognito braces by booking a free patient assessment with our patient coordinator or you can book a consultation with our professional orthodontists for £75. 

Benefits of Incognito Braces in Marlborough

Incognito braces are becoming more popular in Marlborough and throughout Wiltshire because: 

  • Incognito braces are practically invisible. Fixed on the inside of your teeth facing your tongue, most people won’t be able to see these braces and won’t know that you’re having your teeth straightened
  • Incognito braces work in the same way as traditional or clear fixed braces. They can treat mild through to severe orthodontic cases in a very meticulous way
  • Incognito braces like all our braces, are custom made to fit your mouth and your teeth. The wire is shaped very precisely using a robot and this ensures that your teeth are straightened accurately
  • Gentle pressure means there should be little or no discomfort whilst wearing the Incognito brace
  • Any discolouration caused by the brackets of the fixed brace will be on the inside of your teeth with Incognito braces rather than the outside with usual fixed braces  

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Frequently asked questions about Incognito Braces

How do I clean my Incognito braces?

Just like fixed braces, you will need to brush your teeth and braces using a fluoride toothpaste. An inter-dental toothbrush can help to clean the hard to reach places and prevent food from getting trapped in your braces which in turn can lead to tooth decay. You may want to brush your teeth more frequently especially after mealtimes. Using a mouthwash can also help keep teeth and Incognito braces clean. 

Will my speech be affected with Incognito braces?

You may find in the first couple of days after having the Incognito brace fitted that you notice a slight change with your speech. You may notice certain sounds or letters harder to pronounce or you may notice a slight lisp. This is the case when anyone wears a new form of orthodontic brace for the first time and so it isn’t any only applicable to Incognito braces. It can help to keep talking out loud in those first few days, and you should notice that your mouth adapts, and you will talk as usual again quite quickly. 

Can anyone wear Incognito braces?

Your orthodontist will need to give you an initial assessment to make sure that you are eligible to wear an Incognito brace. In most cases we find that adults and teenagers can usually wear Incognito braces to straighten teeth. A patient who has a severe overbite may be the only real exception to wearing Incognito braces and this is because an overbite may cause too much pressure on the back of the teeth meaning there is a risk that the brackets will fall off. Your orthodontist will give an opinion about whether you are suitable for this treatment at your appointment. 

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