Orthodontic Fees

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Treatment Fees
Double Arch  Metal                        Ortho Plus  – Under 18 years old from £2,600

Double Arch Ceramic                    Ortho Plus-   Under 18 years old

from £3,100

Single  Arch Metal Full                  Ortho Plus – Under 18 years old

from £1,800
Single Arch Ceramic Full              Ortho Plus – Under 18 years old from £2,200
Single Arch Metal Sectional            Ortho Plus-Under 18 years old from £1,700

Single Arch Ceramic Sectional      Ortho Plus -Under 18 years old

from £2,200


Double Arch Metal                                  18 Months of Tx or Under

from £4,100

Double Arch Ceramic                             18 Months of Tx or Under

from £4,600

Double Arch Metal                                        Over 18 months of Tx from £4,600
Double Arch Ceramic                                   Over 18 Months of Tx from £5,100
Single Arch Metal                                   18 Months of Tx or Under from £2,800
Single Arch Ceramic                              18 Months or Tx or Under from £3,200
Single Arch Metal                                         Over 18 months of Tx from £3,200
Single Arch Ceramic                                    Over 18 months of Tx from £3,500
Double Arch Metal Sectional from £3,700
Double Arch Ceramic Sectional from £4,200
Single Arch Metal Sectiona from £2,200
Single Arch Ceramic Sectional from £2,600

We offer our facilities to external patients and welcome referrals from Dentists/specialists 

All prices advertised are estimates and upon your consultation your orthodontist/patient coordinator will advise the total cost of your treatment based on complexity, length of treatment and whether extractions are required by your own dentist at an additional cost.


Treatment Fees
Consultation from £75
Debond single arch from £150
Debond double arch from £250
TransAligners per Arch from £200
Bonded Retainer  1 Arch / Both Arches from £250 / £450
Bonded retainer removal per arch from £50

Essix retainer NHS (within 1 year )

from £92
Essix retainer replacement (Over 1 year of DB) from £130
Twin Block from £1,500
URA from £1,000
TADS from £250 each
Lite Single Arch from £4,200
Lite Double Arch from £6,700
Full from £9,700
Full Single Arch from £6,200


Treatment Fees
Express from £2,850 (ClinCheck included)
Lite from £3,850 (2 Refinements included)
Comprehensive from £4,550 (Multiple Refinements included)

Private Services

Treatment Fees
New patient examination Inc. X-rays from £55.00 (deposit £30)
Routine examination (recall) from £45.00 (deposit £30)
Emergency appointment Inc. X-rays from £55.00 (deposit £30)
Out of hours emergency appt N/A
Study Models from £60.00
Airflow plus hygiene from £80.00 (deposit £30)

OPG (Orthopantomagram)

from £75.00
CBCT from £225.00

Restorative / Preventative Services

Treatment Fees
Fissure sealant from £35.00
Amalgam filling small from £70.00
Amalgam filling medium-large from £70.00
Composite filling small from £120.00
Composite filling medium-large from £120.00
Glass ionomer filling from £85.00
Veneers from £690.00

Aesthetic Crowns (Depending On Material)

Treatment Fees
Porcelain  Bonded Non Precious Incisor from £550.00
Porcelain  Bonded Non Precious Premolar from £595.00
Porcelain  Bonded Non Precious Molar from £620.00
Porcelain Crown Incisor from £550.00
Porcelain Crown Premolar from £595.00
Porcelain Crown Molar from £620.00
Zirconia Crown Premolar from £700.00
Zirconia Crown Molar from £725.00
Full Or Jacket Crown Non-Precious Metal from £725.00
Emax Crown Molar from £750.00
Emax Crown Premolar from £750.00
Gold Crown Incisor from £750.00
Gold Crown Premolar from £750.00
Gold Crown Molar from £750.00
Crown Recement from £55.00



Treatment Fees
Home Teeth Whitening from £399.00


Surgical Services

Treatment Fees
Simple Extractions from £120.00
Surgical Extractions from £200.00
Wisdom Teeth Extraction from £225.00


Root Treatment Services

Treatment Fees

Root canal treatment

from £550.00

Vital pulpotomy

from £80.00


from £350.00


Specialist Services

Treatment Fees
Periodontist consultation from £120.00
Implant consultation from £120.00
Orthodontic consultation from £75.00



Treatment Fees
Acrylic Denture  from £500.00
Flexible Denture from £950.00
Cobalt Chrome Denture from £750.00


Hygiene Services

Treatment Fees
Hygiene 30 Minutes from £60.00
Hygiene 40 Minutes from £80.00
Hygiene 60 Minutes from £120.00



It is the aim of this practice to provide quality dental care to our patients and to use clinical time effectively. To achieve this aim, we have an appointment cancellation and failed to attend policy.

Patients are requested to give at least 48 hours’ notice to cancel a dental appointment. Cancellations should be made by telephone on: 01672 560922

There is a fee for private dental appointments that are missed or cancelled with less than 48 hours’ notice.

Any appeals about missed or cancelled appointment decisions should be made in writing via email or a letter to the Practice Manager for consideration.

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